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Inevitably they will also have to assume greater financial responsibility . Ifor the cost of their care while abandoning the myth that health care is free. This will accomplish through incentives for those who maintain their health enabling them to pay less while. I people who cost the system more will pay a larger proportion of their expenses. Large employers as vari as Mtronic Exxon.

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Foods all of which are self insur have already mov forward with such systems and their rewards are reflect in the lower cost of employee health care and higher rates of on the job employee productivity. Employers must lead the way in ensuring the health of Thailand Phone Number List their employees and their families by demanding more aggressive requirements from their health plans or they must work directly with large health systems. At this stage in our nation s history we face a clear choice. Continue with the current disease bas system with expand access and watch as people get sicker and the country s financial condition deteriorates. Or mount a massive healthy living campaign by focusing on prevention wellness and personal responsibility. In my view the choice is clear and the time to act is long overdue. Regina Herzlinger Nancy R.

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McPherson Professor of Business

Administration and author of Who Kill Health  are gnashing their teeth about the Supreme Court s upholding the individual mandate had it not en upheld their Pakistan Phone Number worst nightmares would have occurr. Government would have requir hundrs of billions in additional taxes to pay for the health care of the sick. Health care expenditures roughly follow Pareto s Law Twenty percent of users spend percent of the money. If the healthy percent do not buy health insurance the sick percent will not able to afford it. In the average expenses of the sick enroll in state high risk pools rang from to.

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