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American workers realized a very long time ago. I that Corporate America only thinks of its employees as  human capital  or  human commodities  and . Ithe Companies  regardless the environmental or human cost. I could go on and on listing corporations and what they have d Corporations they work for will always  always put profits above. I the interests of taking care of the employee. That is what happened at Enron. That is what happened at Tyco.

That is what happened at Lehman

That is what happened at Bain Capital. That is what happened at AIG. That is what happe. Ined with the Auto Industry  before it was saved by President Obama. That is what has happened . Iwith the Oil   Gas companies regarding the environment….the. Iy could care less how the . I environment is destroyed as long as they can rape. I the Earth of every last shred of oil or Italy Number Data coal or natural gas to be had and make eve. Iry last dollar that can be made from it one . Ito their employees and to their customer base. It has eroded to a seriously low level of trust   respect. Will temporary gestures help build it back up  No. It will take far more than bandaides.

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It will take a serious overhaul

By Corporations  of their overall attitudes towards t. Iheir employees. Afterall  where would these Corporations be without their employees  CARE Big question Jim. A couple of the challenges with trust are in the nature of . Ithe emotion itself.  I trust you Switzerland Phone Number implies that I. I m willing to make myself vulnerable to you. Hard to do that with a. I complex organization where consistency is difficult. As one person already said of t. Ihe leadership management team   If one of them acts in a manner that is inconsistent with the message that they. I try to project as a group  then trust is quickly lost.

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