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The COVID-19 pandemic saw many companies taking their business online in order to survive. However, setting up an online business requires careful planning and a clear understanding of what platforms to use and how to ensure operational efficiency. Then, once your business is up and running, you have to consider how to market it to attract customers and drive sales!

This article will cover the following areas to help you set up a successful business online. Planning your ecommerce business
Setting up your ecommerce store

The first question you need to ask is

The first question you need to ask is: Are you a business that plans to sell exclusively to online channels? If so, do you have the infrastructure in place to make this happen smoothly? How do we buy our product/s for e-commerce?
Where do we store our product/s?
What content do we need to encourage people to buy it?
When we get a sale, how do we deliver the product to the customers? stages special data setup means you leverage the platform your online store is hoste on to integrate your product information with your merchant center. You will typically have access to this if your store is on shopify. Bigcommerce. Or magento. Simply follow your platform’s instructions to make this happen. Manual set-up requires you to enter all your product data through a file such as a spreadsheet. 

Are you starting out as a new company

Are you starting out as a new company, or are you transitioning a traditional business to the online space? If you already have a bricks-and-mortar business, you should have built Phone list forum up some brand credibility and have an existing customer base to build on.

Consider how your physical store can support your ecommerce store. Perhaps your store could offer a click-and-collect service for online purchases? Or maybe customers will see a product in your store, but wait until later (when they get paid, for example) to purchase it online. In these cases, both the physical and ecommerce stores are supporting your brand.

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