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So far  though  we have only found results for creativity. People were given instructions for a creativity task  pair with a cue  fore they went to sleep. Those participants who were given the same cue at night were more creative the next morning. Q  What are you working on next  A  These are very exciting times.

There is so much to do

One question we are investigating is which sleep phases are most sensitive to these condition cues I just mention. Replaying a cue all night might make the cue less effective.  Imagine how powerful it would  if we could make that time more useful  If the reactivation Switzerland WhatsApp Number Data works the way we think it does—and the way our data show it works—then the applications are endless. We could tap into the vast potential of the unconscious  while we re comfortably sleeping in our bs.  US When I read the title .. I thought you were going in a completely different direction … Since at times it does seem that most of them are unconscious .. lol Anyway .. Great article    Thanks ANONYMOUS When I have to make tough decisions.

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I usually grapple with the facts

Until they seem to  mush  together. Then I put the question aside for a while. Usually a clear solution decision will seem to just pop into my head later Hungary Phone Number List on. I find the same results when I do the NYT crossword puzzle    step away and forget the puzzle when stuck and then the answers mysteriously come to me the next day out of nowhere.  Forcing  the issue has never work well for me    I definitely ne some help from my unconscious brain. Takes away a lot of stress  too.

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