How to prepare your marketing campaign for summer

Seasonal marketing is a strategy used to promote products or services at a specific time of the year . Although sometimes this type of marketing is related to those products or services that have a place at a specific time of year, such as nougat at Christmas or bathing suits in summer, for those products or services that can be sold throughout the year . of the year refers to the way in which they are presented to increase sales . An effective marketing campaign to sell in summer must contain, above all, a summer theme , which implies using visual elements and messages that evoke this time of year. The type of content that is offered, both in social networks and in other communication channels, must also be related to summer.

Seasonality in marketing

This means that, as far as possible, the products SMS Gateway Chile or services offered by the brand should be related to this time of year and create content based on it. This is also a good time to launch offers, promotions and discounts that can attract the attention of the public . In addition to all of the above, it must be taken into account that creativity and originality are key elements for a successful marketing campaign. It is also important to note that any campaign must be adapted to the needs and characteristics of the company , as well as the products and services offered. How to promote your business in summer If the idea is to adapt the company’s marketing campaigns to the summer, there are several ways to do it.

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campaigns to sell in summer

One of them, and taking advantage of the success Phone List Forum of social networks . May be inviting users to share photos on their profiles in which they appear in summer mode enjoying. Some of the brand’s products or services. Of course, for the campaign to be effective. These photographs must be accompanied by a brand hashtag and a mention. You can also launch raffles and contests whose theme is related to summer . In addition to entertaining and generating engagement . This is a way to retain customers and attract new ones. So it can also be a good way to promote the brand during this time of year.

Another option is to offer discount codes or exclusive promotions to those users who buy. During the summer months. In addition to social networks and the internet. Summer is a time of the year in which many parties and events are celebrated . Places where, as long as the image and brand values ​​fit with that type of event. It is a good idea to promote yourself. and make yourself known. Other options would be to collaborate with influencers who are very active in summer . Adapt the product or service to this time of year and launch. Advertising in public spaces where there is traffic of people during the summer.

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