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Bas on experts ability to combine

April ABSTRACT The nature of collaboration has en changing at an accelerating pace particularly in the last decade. Much of the publish work in teams research however is still focus on the archetypal team that has well defin memrship purposes leadership and standards of effectiveness all characteristics that are ing alter by changes in the larger context of collaboration.

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Attention as a dynamic construct in its own right. This article explores what the teams research community has to gain by researching theorizing and understanding the many new forms of contemporary collaboration. WORKING PAPERS How Switzerland Phone Number List Do Risk Managers come Influential A Field Study of Toolmaking and Expertise in Two Financial Institutions AUTHORS Matthew Hall Anette Mikes and Yuval Millo ABSTRACT In this study we examine transformations in the influence of risk managers in two large U.K. banks over a period of six years. Our analysis highlights that a process we term toolmaking whereby experts create articulate and shape tools that embody their expertise is central to the way in which the risk managers in our study garner influence in their organizations.

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Bas on our field study we identify

Two dimensions that help to explain experts organizational influence their ability to a incorporate their expertise into highly communicable tools and b develop a New Zealand Phone Numberpersonal involvement in the deployment and interpretation of those tools in important decision making forums.  and balance these two processes we distinguish analytically among four positions of influence they can occupy compliance expert technical champion trust advisor and engag toolmaker and trace the movements of experts tween these positions. Our empirical findings and theoretical framework contribute to our understanding of the nature of expert influence and how and why functional groups such as risk managers can come influential.

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