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Great for GIF conversion and much more 

Wondershare’s  on is that Uni Converter works with GIF conversion and many more format.

For starters, you can interconvert MP4, HEVC, AVI, GIF, and many more formats without losing the quality of the original footage.

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Also, you can add numerous effects to the GIF and fully customize it according to your needs.

Another advantage of using a Wondershare tool is its fantastic compatibility with other tools from the company. This means you can edit, crop, crop, speed up, reverse and add special effects to your GIFs if you have other Wondershare tools on your device without running into compatibility issues.


  • A staggering number of editing tools, especially when combined with other Wondershare products
  • Almost all video formats are covered by one platform


  • You have to download and configure the software before using it, which makes the process a bit longer
  • You need a downloaded version of the YouTube video before proceeding

Flixier’s YouTube GIF maker

If you want a faster solution to turn YouTube videos into GIFs,  is an amazing tool to start with. It overcomes the two caveats mentioned above and is by far the fastest way to convert YouTube videos to GIFs.


Just like the concept, the YouTube India Part Time Job Seekers Phone Number List GIF maker also comes with a multifunctional website that allows you to do the entire conversion within your browser.

Another important advantae of using the platform is its privacy-focused approach, which does not require you to sign up and create an account before conversion.

However, the biggest feature

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that makes YouTube GIF maker stand out is the ability Phone List Forum to edit YouTube videos with just your links. You don’t need to manually upload the video before conversion.

Also, the GIF maker has features to adjust GIF resolution, add text, motion effects, audio, transitions, and more.

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