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Athletes Athletes – Featured , B2B , Featured The first edition of L’Etape Ecuador by Tour de France is about to begin. Aroundcompetitors will tour the city of Cuenca to live an unforgettable experience in the style of the Tour de France. And Fotop will be present to record the best moments of the event that takes place on February 20. According to André Chaco, Fotop’s general director, participation in another international event is recognition of the good work that Fotop’s professionals do in Brazil. “It is an important milestone. External companies work with us for the quality of the work done. What we do is really different, above the curve, as our partners prefer to give up certain conveniences like language and geographic  he points out. The association with the event was made through indications of those who license the brand directly from France. At the same time, a trusted Fotop photographer partner, who lives in Ecuador, had already mentioned the company’s work, becoming a great contributor.

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Aalready used Fotop demonstrated that the system works not only in Brazil, but in other countries. It turned out that we had two applications for the same project. which made it easier for us to agree on Brazil Mobile Number List the alliance”, reinforces Chaco. He also points out that the support of the organization L’Étape Ecuador throughout the process has been fundamental. Focusing more and more on international events, Fotop reaps good results. In Portugal. for example, the new partners, who are super satisfied and happy, even make referrals to other companies. “And now with this new stage in Ecuador. which will take place in South America. where we were not so open, things began to change.”  expectations are enormous, among them a good collection. Since it is a totally new market and with a different audience. “On the other hand, it is a very good challenge.

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Experiences will bring us very nice growth”, concludes Chaco. To look for Athletes  Highligh Photography Marketplace How to protect the camera on rainy days .How to protect the camera on rainy days August From click to conversion: how to increase Phone List Forum product visibility with photography From click to conversion. how to increase product visibility with photography August copyright protection Copyright Protection: A Guide for Photographers to Protect Their Intellectual Property August 24, 2023 entrepreneurship. and photography a strategic partnership for success August 22, 2023 beginner photographer 10 Essential Steps Every Beginner Photographer Should Follow August 21, 2023 Institutional .

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