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Using qualitative and quantitative analysis which I apply to a wealth of data I show how changes in product organizational and community identities associat with a legacy technology can  reconstitut to reconfigure a field. My findings highlight that three mechanisms identity claims leadership and framing i.e. temporal linguistic value are core to explaining field re emergence.

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Technologies tend to displace older ones legacy technologies that are seemingly dead can re emerge thrive and even co exist with newer technologies. Building on these results I draw out theoretical and empirical implications that focus on the interface Switzerland Telegram Number Data tween technological shifts and identity change at multiple levels. Paper Information Full Working Paper Text pdf Working Paper Publication Date Decemr HBS Working Paper Numr The Entrepreneurs Who Invent Economic Forecasting by Sean Silverthorne The new book Fortune Tellers investigates the history of economic forecasting and its roots in the turbulent nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Friman and an excerpt. In the severe economic social and scientific turbulence churning at the dawn of the twentieth century people were eager for any Kuwait WhatsApp Numbers List emblance of stability and prictability. From this ne for certainty emerg a group of entrepreneurs who promis to apply scientific methods to prict the economic future and in essence moderate the risk of investing in capitalistic ventures. “FORECASTERS FOUND A READY AUDIENCE DURING A ” In his book Fortune Tellers The Story of America s First Economic Forecasters Harvard Business School s Walter A.

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