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The general theory of crime

The three modes of material nature   goodness  passion  and ignorance   are always vying for supremacy and impelling Homo sapiens to act in varying ways  Prabhupada    Widolf   . The sensory modalities and the mind are the repository of lust  which forces living ings to act even against their tter judgment. Managers  inability to demonstrate practical caring thinking skills in their relationships with employees makes it hard for employees to repose trust in management.

Two types of caring are discernible

Selfless caring  and caring with the intent to lord over. Antithetically  managers who are skill in caring thinking very easily gain support and trust from employees. Trust is reciprocal. If a manager wants employees to trust management  then that manager Israel WhatsApp Number Data should practice to trust employees. However  more than a few managers do not trust their employees  and this makes it difficult for employees to trust their management. Egocentric bias of more than a few managers facilitates trust sag in management. Discernibly  no one is the repository of all information culture  therefore  as soon as a manager gins to act as if he she is the personification of all knowlge  a sor employee would find it difficult to trust such management.

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Low self control of managers

A major stumbling block to trust in management.  Gottfrson   Hirchi    brings to ar that self control is the main determining factor of all crimes and Denmark Phone Number List antisocial havior. Managers with high self control would facilitate trust in management. Rupa Goswami  Prabhupada    asseverates that a manager with high self control would not only invoke support and trust from employees followers  but also  able manage and lead the entire global village.

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