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 Nito Mestre, whose mother was Lithuanian and who accompani him for almost 95 years, and his father, a doctor by profession, who only gave him the first 8 years of his life, always instill in him a love of music that l him to study the voice and the transverse flute. and the guitar, being an excellent performer of the first two. As an example, he left us classic albums: 20/10 (1981), I Hide My Eyes in the Sun (1983), Canta a Sui Generis (1993), August Trip (2014). that’s all, and the son thing is just a product of love Towards his partner at the time, María Rosa Yorio, he rais Migue and never consider himself his father, he always told him that Charly was what he was.

Deeply Held Ideas About

 Inescapable samples of Mestre’s talent, who has often want to be simplifi to being the voice of Sui Generis, nothing more false and unfair than that. Nito is more than a voice (although he is the voice). He is a very lucid and poetic composer, he is a virtuoso instrumentalist, a guy who alone, accompani by his acoustics, knocks down an entire band, but he is also the one who business database maintains his voice with an orchestra of more than 120 musicians and always comes out graceful and among sincere palms Nito has been able to endure these 66 years, he arrives in peace with all those fights that people usually create in their delusions: enmities with García, to whom he will always sing, because he is his friend,

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Although Sui Generis came together again in 2000 with Symphonies for Adolescents , it was a brief meeting, one of those that occurs in moments of emotion, of hungover memories or novelistic nostalgia that brings two friends or three, four, onto the stage. This depends on the band. I watch them and I don’t want to Phone List Forum say they didn’t work, maybe I was the one that didn’t work for them. But a few nights ago Nito came to Lima to present his symphonic show, and once again he took us back to our early years, when we still believ we could be truly free, having a poor house and kicking ourselves out of the room from time to time instead to throw away old sheets of paper.

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