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Field Marketing what it is and what are its advantages

Field marketing (marketing in the field, in Spanish) is a type of advertising that bases its strategy on making all the intermediaries that usually participate in a marketing campaign disappear in order to be able to interact face to face with the public . The main objective of field marketing is to create a close and attractive experience so that the customer can interact first-hand with the product or service and have a much clearer idea of ​​what it is like and of everything it can offer. With field marketing, the client goes from being a passive entity (as in most campaigns) to becoming an active element of it , whose actions are the protagonists. What are its advantages Target audience information : despite the fact that you have already segmented the audience to which you want to direct your field marketing campaign and you know many of its characteristics, there are always aspects that you are going to miss.

What are its advantages

With this type of marketing strategy, you will Bulk SMS Israel know first-hand many responses from the public that buys your products or services and, with them, many clues to their personality and needs. In this way, you can make the necessary changes to achieve better results. Easy measurement of ROI : thanks to the fact that with field marketing strategies you can get information in real time, it is much easier to measure the return on investment. Affordable price : field marketing is within the reach of all types of companies, both SMEs and large corporations. There is a great diversity of options and budget possibilities, so they can be adapted to your abilities. Brand reputation: digital marketing presents the difficulty that it is difficult to convince the public, since the human factor is essential. With field marketing, gaining the trust of consumers is easier, since there is a closer relationship.

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Differences between field marketing

Possibilities of loyalty : for the same reason as before, due to Phone List Forum the existence of the human factor when developing field marketing. There are more possibilities for customers to become regulars. Convince dubious customers: Negative reviews can destroy a business. In your field marketing campaign. Your brand representatives can answer questions and problems in person and live. Thus reducing negative experiences or doubts.

Better transmission of the message: in field marketing the public can test first hand. How your product works or experience the quality of the service you offer. So your message will be more deeply understood. What types of field marketing campaigns are there Merchandising: it is not a type of field marketing campaign per se. But it usually accompanies this type of strategy. So that the public takes a memory and increases their brand awareness . Conferences : consumers greatly appreciate these types of educational and informative experiences. Where they can learn more about the brand and its characteristics.

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