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Download working paper  ssrn abstract Rrawing the Lines Did Political Incumnts Influence Electoral Ristricting in the World s Largest Democracy pdf By Iyer Lakshmi and Maya Rdy ABSTRACT—In the boundaries of national and state electoral constituencies in India were rrawn for the first time in three decades. We use detail demographic and electoral data to construct measures of the extent of ristricting in a given constituency.

We find the ristricting process

To  politically neutral for the most part though a few politicians who were advisory memrs for the ristricting process were able to avoid unfavorable ristricting outcomes for their specific constituencies. Incumnts whose constituencies came reserv for memrs of specific communities are significantly less likely to run for reelection following ristricting. Download working paper  hbs faculty Pages download.aspx name .pdf pdf Does Planning Indonesia Telegram Number Data Regulation Protect Independent Retailers pdf By Sadun Raffaella ABSTRACT—Regulations aim at curbing the entry of large retail stores have en introduc in many countries to protect independent retailers. Analyzing a planning reform launch in the Unit Kingdom in the s I show that independent retailers were actually harm by the creation of entry barriers against large stores.

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Of new large stores entering a market the entry barriers creat the incentive for large retail chains to invest in smaller and more centrally locat formats which compet more directly with independents and accelerat their decline.  Purchase this case  hbr Portugal WhatsApp Numbers List product european integration meeting the competitiveness challenge an PDF ENG Wal Mart Lobbying in India In as part of a routine disclosure under U.S. law Wal Mart reveal it had spent million since on lobbying to enhance market access for investment in India. This disclosure which came weeks after the Indian government made a controversial decision to permit FDI in the country s multi brand retail sector creat uproar in India.

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