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Buell and Norton found that when shown the second version of the website users were much more impress with the work that government was doing—and much more favorable about the efficacy of government overall. There s a big difference tween providing people with information about what s ing done and allowing them to see it for themselves says Buell. Moving from the base case wher.

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Atransparent version of the website that shows the problems that are ing address significantly improves attitudes towards government and government service. does a tter job than given crit for only percent of people agre after viewing the first case but some Oman Telegram Number Data percent agre after the second case. Seeing the visual evidence of government working had broader implications as well. When participants were ask In general is the government s effect on your life positive or negative percent said positive after viewing the first case—but a full percent gave that answer after viewing the second. Pins and potholes Transparency by itself doesn t always improve perceptions however.

Telegram Number Data

 In a third version of the website

Buell and Norton not only includ pins on the map for the repair requests that had recently en open and clos but also includ pins for all open requests. Thus Oman WhatsApp Numbers List instead of seeing a few dozen pins representing jobs recently report or complet they saw thousands of pins representing jobs yet to  done. When survey on their views towards government those participants views were no more favorable than the participants shown the first case with no pins at all.

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