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A second screen can  a competitor

In Nielsen found that close to percent of smartphone and tablet users multitask in front of the TV daily. “A SECOND SCREEN CAN  A COMPETITOR BUT IT CAN ALSO  A COLLABORATOR” If anything says Harvard Business School marketing professor Thales S. Teixeira that numr understates the prevalence of mia multitasking.

That percent figure is probably

Already outdat he says. Nowadays you can imagine a much higher numr. Even two years ago one survey found that percent of fans plann on using a second screen while watching the Super Bowl. The same survey however found that only percent of respondents Belgium WhatsApp Number List were most likely to do so during the game—with the rest pulling out their phone or laptop during halftime or commercials. That trend has advertisers who paid an average of million per second Super Bowl spot last year worri. Advertisers are paying bas on the audience watching a program says Teixeira. If people stop paying attention en masse they are not getting everyone they are paying for.

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The possibility of consumers tuning

Out during ads is even worse during the rest of the year—when commercials aren t as hyp as they are during the Super Bowl. But advertisers fretting about the multitasking trend may  missing an opportunity says Teixeira. but it can also  a Oman Phone Number List collaborator says Teixeira. After all if consumers already have their smartphones or laptops in hand it only takes a few clicks to visit an advertiser s website and buy a product they see advertis on television. In a recent working paper How TV Ads Trigger Online Shopping pdf Teixeira explores this concept analyzing how advertisers can turn this trend to their advantage.

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