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The first from Kantar utilizes data

Along with fellow researchers Jura Liaukonyte of Cornell . IUniversity and Kenneth C. Wilbur of the University of California San Diego he analyz not only when viewers were likely to act on the ads that they saw on television but also what type of adsTransgressions. I By Moore Celia Lamar Pierce and Francesca Gino ABSTRACT—This paper combines . I were most likely to make them surf on over to the advertiser s website and make a purchase.

To do this the researchers

Us two specializ databases.  from households across . Ithe country that install a set top box alongside their television that analyzes second by second what family memrs watch. At the same time Kantar records everything . Ithat is shown on every station including commercials. We conclude with the rudiments of a theory describing whe. In and why a commons Belize WhatsApp Number List organization can  advantageous for production of designs Download working paper  ssrn abstract Off the Hook Mistaken Expectations of Leniency in. Ithe Punishment of experimental and field data to examine how those with the responsibility to enforce rules may penalize transgressors more harshly when they are fac with a conflicting motivation to  lenient.

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Specifically we test how transgressors

Punish when it is their birthday a day when social. Inorms dictate people should  treat preferentially. We first establish that individuals expect leniency on Pakistan Phone Number List their birthday. We then show that compar to other days transgressors are in fact penaliz more severely for transgressing rules when it is their birthday both by law enforcement using more than arrest records for drunk driving in Washington State and by participants with responsibility to enforce rules in an experimental lab setting. We also show that this effect is driven by psychological reactance.

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