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These things are about who and what we are  us and our institutions as extensions of ourselves   and how we have consequentially. When I do business I look for these things in the companies and people I choose and it makes a difference as to whether I choose a particular one or not.

It tells me I can trust them or

This is not naive either my decision is gun by this and validat by due diligence. As Reagan said trust but verify cause ing trusting is not about ing easily fool. It means making choices bas on sound judgment and serious consideration. Principles and CSR are one Germany Phone Number List of the pivot points. ANONYMOUS If the leadership truly lieves in CSR for its own sake that should a sustainable driver of its investment in the CSR agendanfortunate events. The discouraging results of the fire insurance cit would then part of risk management. One wonders though if mia opinion is a true reflection of consumer sentiment and other stakeholders and what pro active action an organisation can take to portray its own CSR case. GA CHESMAN SOCIAL MIA CONSULTANT ing engag in CSR cannot compar to an insurance policy.

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First nobody boasts about

Their amount of insurance if you must use that analogy. Second CSR doesn t necessarily target the mia. Therefore if a well respect company has something go wrong the mia doesn t care if the company is good or bad it s all about the story.  and the like Malta Phone Number may more forgiving of a good company that suffers an accident. I. S. NDAO JUNIOR CONSULTANT SENEGAL It seems like showing what your company is and promising to get tter in terms of Environmental concern is tter than playing hypocritical communication campaign on how Environmental concern your company is or remaining as a No environmental concern company.

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