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The scenario of simple automation with Email Marketing

At a point where the relationship with the Lead is good, that we see that we have had a positive impact, we can offer them an even more direct deal, a value offer. At this point we can be more commercial but always try to maintain the philosophy of “adding value”. This content is important. The scenario A simple example Can we see a small example of how we could organize this content? Come on, I’ll tell you a little idea that is maturing: Lead Magnet: Guide to be successful in your Outdoor Advertising campaigns . Valuable content that reviews the benefits of Outdoor Advertising and provides advice and concepts necessary for any campaign to be successful. Reactivator: Study of Advertisers in your city. 

This way we make

You the promised gift. After a while, I will contact you to. Offer you a pre-sales consultation company data and help if you need anything else. In this consultancy or help I will try to convert you into a client. How about? Did you like it? Does it seem logical to you? Well, this, although. Much better than the simple “hey, check the list and I’ll send you offers to you” till has some gaps . That’s why I’m going to tell you what you’re going to need. To generate to improve that communication and that process. very happy! Yes, because I have been a finalist in the La Verdad Web Awards. And doubly so! In the Company Websites category with the new. Grupo Graphic website and in the Personal Blogs category for this, humble and always yours, blog . 

The scenario you and give

 I don’t want to get too involved with this article, since I have to buy a suit, let me explain to you, in a rough way, what we Phone List Forum are talking about . In recent weeks (almost months) I have been helping quite a few companies set up Email Marketing systems with a certain degree of automation that help them maintain more fluid communication with their potential clients and try to “favor” them (nooooo, not force, just help or favor) that steps are taken forward in the conversion funnel. The system consists, as you have already heard from many, of generating highly valuable content, known.

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