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(slightly rounded) Money spent on marketing during 14 months €9,600.00. Financial mistakes that were made A workroom where I could make training videos in peace, total loss €1,000.00 (I went to the office about once a month for four months.) Arti Vaurauteen online coaching, total loss €1,364.00 Unused plugins, total loss €100.00 A total of €2,464.00 How do you recognize a good coach? . Tells “insider tips” and does not withhold information.  in order to get the best possible end result. Requires you to do your best. complaints. Adapts the workload to your schedule. Doesn’t burden you too much.

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The longer the reader stays on your blog, the more Google interprets that your blog’s content is reliable, relevant and useful. As a thank you, Google is slowly starting to raise your content new data higher in the search results. You see, Google wants to provide its searchers with the best possible information. If you search on Google ” how to remove a red wine stain from a white carpet “, you will hardly be happy if Google gives you results about wineries in Italy. The better search results Google offers to its searchers, the more information is sought on Google. Logical and certainly self-evident. From Google’s organic search results, the first 3 links get the most clicks, i.e. free traffic. If your blog post is on page 58 in Google’s search results, I can’t believe that the searcher would bother to browse that far. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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At least from the point of view that it should be in use and its figures should be monitored at regular intervals. Analytics provides a lot of useful information when you have the patience to study and analyze the data. One of the most important pieces of information for me, which I check from Analytics at regular intervals, is the immediate exit percentage. most challenging; readers only read Phone List Forum one post and then leave the blog. The higher the bounce rate, the higher the probability that the content of the blog is not current or interesting for the reader, or that the post is quick to skim through. The event is common but does not bring the desired result for the blogger: Instant exit percentage – This is how you turn a random visitor into a committed reader This post will tell you How to lower your bounce rate Why it’s important What happens to your blog when you reduce the percentage What does it matter if the reader stays on the blog for 10 seconds or 15 minutes? Well, at least the fact that it is one of the biggest factors affecting your blog’s search engine visibility.

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