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 In adversity  boards come more

Directors  reflections on the board s role had multiple dimensions. For some  the question was whether and how exclusively the board should focus on compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In their view  the board s primary role is to  rules orient. Others view compliance as the job of lawyers and conceiv of the board s job much more broadly.

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Boards than I am on others   one director told us.  Some people have really taken the value of governance  the importance of governance  to heart Armenia WhatsApp Number List and it pervades the company. Others have en slower to that realization  and tend to view governance as something that the lawyers are driving. And therefore it is something that  at the attitude level  slows things down  it s a cost to the enterprise. It gets in the way of ing efficient about decision makBng and moving forward.  This director and a handful of others seem to  struggling with a hangover from the effects of Sarbanes Oxley and other regulations  which absord so much board time a few years ago.

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To others  the financial crisis

Itself meant that boards should intensify their efforts at compliance   active by definition   one director said.  But what one has to ask is  Should they  more Mexico Phone Number List active when things are good  to make sure that the risk management processes are in place  that the financial control processes are in place  so that they re assur that the organization has the controls and procures that will r light or highlight risks when they ne to  highlight   Other directors disagre  lieving that the board should devote less time to compliance issues and more to substantive business matters.

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