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In such a context  the reason for low

Both trustworthiness and the propensity to trust are only partly character traits  they are also heavily influenc by cultural norms. They are  virtues   but social virtues  and ones which are observ more by some groups than by others  see Fukuyama s seminal work on trust in cultures   and under different conditions.

From all the above  note that

Trust  is about personal relationships  that is the basis for the answer to Jim s question   why is trust so low   It is cause for several decades now we have hav in ways that are inimical to trust.  We have taught competitive strategy  not collaborative strategy   We have defin business as ing about companies  not about people   We have focus on incentives Australia WhatsApp Number Data rather than on obligations as a model for motivating human havior   We have posit economic models of human havior rather than broadly social ones   We have worshipp quantitative analysis rather than  common sense   witness your own hesitation  Jim  to conclude in your intro piece that trust is profitable absent data that  prove.

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We have develop analytics that

Heavily focus on NPV  a concept that both ruces all goods to monetary equivalents  and that forces the temporal dimension of all things to time now. trust is Bahrain Phone Number List not hard to understand. We don t have trust cause we don t have relationships  cause we have valu data over feelings  and cause we have not taken seriously the realms of human endeavor that can t  ruc to  cold  data.  Exhibit   the false on the face of it truism that  if you can t measure it you can t manage it  . In a nutshell  we have develop an ethos of business that is stripp of human relationships.

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