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Comparison of the Most Powerful AI Text Generation Tools

Instead, to be able to access Bard you must do it from this link . Registration is very simple and you only need to have a Gmail email account. Now, there is a drawback, and that is that for now access to this tool is limited to the English language and to users in the United Kingdom and the United States (when the tool is more evolved they will open it to other languages ​​and countries). But, for everything there is a solution, you can use a VPN to modify your IP and make Bard understand that you are in one of these two countries. You can use a paid VPN or the VPN offered by the Opera browser for free, indicating that it places you in America. Since the answers are only in English, you can translate them with Google Translate.

 Create the text of an email for a client

Google translator  Textual Ideas for Comparing  Bulk SMS Jordan and Bard’s AI-Created Responses 1) Create a text with an invented story The request that has been made is focused on writing a creative text: “I want you to invent a story where the protagonists are a dog and a cat who play with each other with a ball while they talk about advances in artificial intelligence. It should not have more than 300 words. ” The truth is that both tools have generated good responses , with well-developed original stories and a final moral based on positive values. It stands out that Bard has added a real dialogue between the dog and the cat, while  has developed everything spoken between the protagonists in the third person. And Google’s tool has given more examples of the evolution of AI than s.

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Create a joke in several languages

Here are Cs answer and Bard’s answer in order.  “I must write a formal Phone List Forum email for the client where I explain the results of an SEO campaign. The results are: 30,000 monthly sessions of organic traffic, a bounce rate of 82 %. A retention time of 4.5 minutes. 1400 leads were captured organically through the newsletter form. It should not be more than 100 words.

Both answers have the correct level of formality , since it is a customer email. Also offered in both options is the ability to customize. The name of the receiver at the beginning and the sender’s name in the signature.  response stands out. Which is based only on the data provided and also analyzes the metrics. Commenting on whether they are positive or negative. Bard does something similar. But has decided to invent on his own the increases or decreases over the previous month. When this had not been requested or provided.

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