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Photo Gautam Mukunda Part B of the case taught later in the course tackles a question that confronts CEOs in many industries How do you change the culture of an organization let alone an industry No easy feat especially in this case. This was postapartheid South Africa Mukunda says.

You had white supervisors

Who grew up under apartheid overseeing black mine workers. And there s a culture of command and control—some people would have said a culture of bullying. Not cause Anglo was especially bad but cause that was the culture of mining. The culture Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List problem was partly linguistic. South Africa has official languages Xitsonga Tshivenda siSwati Setswana Sesotho Sesotho sa Leboa IsiZulu IsiXhosa IsiNdele English and Afrikaans. The national anthem incorporates of them. Among the miners of the languages are spoken natively the supervisors speak the other . To bridge the gap the mining industry long ago adopt the use of Fanagalo a pidgin language develop in the nineteenth century so colonists could communicate with their servants.

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WHEN THE LANGUAGE HAS MADE THAT IMPOSSIBLE ” The glitch with Fanagalo cause of the way it has evolv it can only  us to give orders Mukunda Thailand Phone Number List explains. It s not really possible to have a dialogue in Fanagalo. So how do you create a culture of collaboration and communication when the language has made that impossible Carroll told the executives to figure it out.

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