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I think boards have to  more focus

I really do think it s time for a lot of reflection by boards right now about what we could have done tter in the last six months to a year   one director said.  What did we miss  I think it s always great to have time to reflect backward about what we learn about what we ve just en through  or what we re going through  and how we could have serv the shareholders tter if we had spent our time a different way.

Doing both is not easy  as one

Director point out   Just the challenge of fitting all of the compliance activities that boards and their committees have to execute on  while still doing these broader and perhaps more interesting things that boards are suppos to do in terms of providing Australia WhatsApp Number List oversight of the business  oversight of management  particularly oversight of the CEO  as well as engaging in the strategy and the direction of the company is difficult.  For directors like this one  the central issue was how much directors could  expect to do.  I think that the expectation of what a board can or cannot do  either in the public perception or even in the regulatory perception  is overstat   another director said.  At times this is a big challenge for board memrs. They feel they should  doing more  but doing more is difficult to do.

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Such comments suggest that

In times of crisis  directors feel a responsibility to take a larger role but aren t certain how to do so. One director point out a significant problem that arises Morocco Phone Number List when boards contemplate coming more engag   I think the board is more involv. I think it s busier.  And I think they have to  careful that they don t start trying to manage the company. They have to give the guidance  or set the trends  but they can t  managing the company.  Where to draw the line tween the board and management troubl our interviewees. Two directors  comments effectively capture the two sides of the debate.

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