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Carroll actually decide to do

While Mukunda initially pursu Carroll s story simply cause it intrigu him he and his research team end up with enough material for a three part case. Part A opens in June when the newly appoint Carroll fac a spate of fatalities at the Rustenburg mines. Anglo American Platinum which runs the mine is majority own by Anglo American plc.

While the company boast

The nation s st safety record at the time it still averag deaths per year. Four months into her tenure Carroll learn of a fatality that occurr during her first visit to Rustenburg. This organization is out of control she told the head of Anglo American Cyprus WhatsApp Number List Platinum. I will not support operations that are killing people. As with most teaching cases at HBS Part A focuses on a key dilemma What should Carroll have done In short should she have order the company to close the mine to shut it down temporarily or to leave it open This decision dropp straight to the bottom line Mukunda says. Mining is a fix cost industry.

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The situation made international

Headlines and a quick web search will reveal what . But when he assigns the case in class Mukunda asks students to resist the urge to Google. If you know Taiwan Phone Number List what happen then you lose the wonderful tension of the situation he says. And it s important for the students to feel that tension cause somay they may have to face this kind of decision. Click on image to enlarge Click to enlarge image.Anglo American produces percent of the world s platinum.

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