Celebration in the company at we have redefined this concept

A sunny day, which began with an adrenaline rush on Shambhala –the highest roller coaster in Europe–, accompanied by a wet ride on the Tutuki. Splash, a dizzy ride on the Tea Cups and a meal at the rhythm of the artists from the Mexican. Cantina among many others. We didn’t leave the park until the last minute and only because it closed. Undoubtedly an experience that left us both speechless and without fear of heights to more than one. For those surprised, this is just another one of our quarterly celebrations. If we consult a dictionary we will find that the definition of ‘celebration’ is: Celebration: (from Latin celebratĭo, -ōnis) (1) f. Action to celebrate; commemoration or celebration; applause, acclamation When one thinks of this concept, the first image that comes to mind is probably the typical dinner with friends, family meal or anniversary.

redefined this concept

It is rare to associate it with company celebrations, which Bulk SMS New Zealand are normally reminiscent of those tense Christmas dinners or the awkward goodbyes of colleagues. From Cyberclick we want to promote a new concept of celebration. And it is that, as in any other field, a worker deserves a certain commemoration for his effort, and even more so if that simple detail can favor the growth of the company. our tradition The Cyberclick team holds a monthly meeting and a weekly meeting -where specific day-to-day issues are discussed-. But we have another one that is quarterly, this being more extensive and where the performance of the last three months is analyzed in more detail, comparing the results with previous periods.

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Celebration in the company

It is a moment in which each worker reflects on Phone List Forum what they could contribute to the company and makes proposals for improvement . By having an opportunity to share it, you can establish realistic and results-oriented. Priorities for the next quarter that add value to the company. The key point of this method is that at the same time that.

In this way.  At Cyberclick we have verified the importance of acknowledging the merit of the effort of each one of the team members, be it with a dinner, a game in Karting or a getaway to Andorra, as on previous occasions. Likewise. It is not enough to plan an outing no matter how interesting it may seem.


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