Canvas model what it is and how it is used in marketing

The Canvas model is a very visual tool that allows you to discover the key elements of your business and organize your ideas in order to properly plan both your business model and your marketing strategy . In addition, it has two peculiarities: on the one hand, it allows you to give an innovative touch to your planning and, on the other, it is designed with the aim of creating value for consumers. The Canvas model was devised in 2011 by Yves Pigneur, a professor of management and information systems, and Alexander Osterwalder, a business consultant, who made it known by publishing it in their book “Business Model Generation”.

Elements of the Canvas model

Why the public is going to buy your products or Bulk SMS Qatar services. Why have we said before that it is the most important part? Because the rest of the elements and all your digital marketing objectives will revolve around this proposal. The best way to complete this quadrant is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers to detect their needs and indicate how your products or services can satisfy them. Customer segment: at this point it is time to define your buyer persona, that is, your ideal customer. Keep a record of all their characteristics, needs, pain points, life and shopping habits, behavior, etc. The more specific you are, the better results you will get with your Canvas model.

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Example of Canvas Model applied

Channels : how are you going to connect with that Phone List Forum ideal customer? This is what you will have to specify in this quadrant. Define each and every one of the channels with which you are going to reach him, also including those that participate in the sales process. A good idea is to make a subdivision and separate those channels that are digital from those that are physical. Relationship with customers: once you have defined the channels, it is time to make it clear how you will speak to them through them and what type of relationship you want to create. Sources of income: what is your main source of income? How are you going to monetize your project. How are customers going to pay you.

These are some of the questions you must answer in this section. Key activities : the value proposition is already clear, since as we said it is the first step in the Canvas model. What activities are you going to implement to transmit that value. Key resources: in all marketing models it is important to make it clear what resources are available and how to optimize them. Economic, human, intellectual and physical resources come into play at this point. Key Partnerships: In business, lone wolves never get very far, so in this Canvas model it’s essential that you establish who your partners are and what alliances you’re going to establish.

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