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Can there be the happiest company in the world

While researching my idea of ​​happiness in the workplace, I discovered an organization, Great Place to Work®, which has concluded, after millions of surveys and years of extensive research, that there are three essential factors that must be exist in a good working environment. Trust between co-workers and team leaders. Pride of the role that each one develops. Comradeship in the workplace. Trust is the first parameter to start with; since it is the glue of any organization . If you want to improve and grow, this value is necessary to build everything. This ability depends on the relationship established between the employee and the company and creating it is in the hands of the company itself and the predisposition of the entire team. The benefits of betting on trust are innumerable: people feel more comfortable in their environment, they can depend on each other for support, they feel valued and they feel much more secure to express their opinions and ideas.

From being great to being happy

Pride and camaraderie , on the other hand, are Bulk SMS South Africa more difficult to obtain and define. These two values ​​are different, since they depend on each person, their personality and needs. These arise from the relationship between each individual and his work (pride) and the relationship of each one with their teammates (comradeship). Being proud of where you work is a personal and unique feeling and is crucial to ensuring that everyone is playing a role that is in line with their goals. And the quality of the relationship with colleagues depends on how each one is and his preferences when it comes to relating, such as the ability of the team to match this person with them without problems.

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Before you can be a happy company

From being great to being happy Before you Phone List Forum can be a happy company, you must first be a great place to work , which is focused on implementing the 3 factors mentioned above. The path to becoming a happy company is quite similar to the way you cultivate personal happiness. Really, you cannot focus on happiness itself. But you have to dedicate yourself to your passions and lead a balanced lifestyle , giving rise to happiness. This process needs certain tools, such as trust, support and betting on clear communication. But happiness is not the end result but the continuous by-product of dedicating yourself to the process.

Saying that you have the happiest company in the world is the same as saying that you are the happiest person in the world. This statement could be true. But it is specific and unique to yourself. Because if another person were in your shoes, they would not feel the same way as you. Being the happiest company in the world depends on a very specific group of individuals. Their definition of happiness. The processes to get there, and the alignment of all of them. Each employee must be developing a role with daily tasks that really match their own personal and professional goals. Which translates into the by-product of happiness .


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