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Treatment Centers of America Scaling

Download the paper     hbs research pdf    .pdf  pdf  Looking Up and Looking Out  Career Mobility Effects of Demographic Similarity among Professionals . IQualitative data offer insights into the social identification processes underlying demographic similarity e AUTHORS  Kathleen L. McGinn and Katherine L. Milkman ABSTRACT We investigate . Ithe role of workgroup sex and race composition on the career mobility of professionals in  up or out  organizations.

We develop a nuance perspective

On the potential career mobility effects of workgroup . Idemography by integrating the social identification processes of cohesion  competition  and comparison. Using five years of personnel data from a large law firm  we examine. I the influence of demographic match with workgroup superiors and workgroup peers on attorneys  likelihood of turnover Hong Kong Phone Number List and promotion. Survival analyses reveal that higher proportions of same sex and same race superiors enhance junior professionals  career mobility. On the flip side  we observe mobility costs accruing to professionals in workgroups with higher proportions of same sex and same race peers. ffects on turnover and promotion in professional service organizations. Download the paper     hbs research pdf    .pdf  pdf  Communicating Frames in Negotiations AUTHORS  Kathleen L. McGinn and Markus.

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Download the paper     hbs research pdf    .pdf  pdf  CASES   COURSE MATERIALS Cancer  the Mother Standard® of Care Rosath Moss Kanter and Matthew Bird Hong Kong Phone Number Harvard Business School Case   The CEO of a private and growing national network of specialty care hospitals focusing on advanc stage and complex cancer treatments reflect on the firm s past phase of growth fore meeting with the company s Chairman and founder to discuss how to further scale what they call the Mother Standard of Care and  in the process  change the face of cancer care.

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