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The script was accepted after Franzen

Then Franzoni hit upon an idea  tell the tale through the eyes of a foreign born general who served as the right hand man to emperor Xuanzong and his consort. “TO THE EXTENT T. IHAT CREATIVITY IS ABOUT THE RECOMBINATION OF EXISTING IDEAS  THEN COM. IBINING IDEAS THAT HAVEN T BEEN CONNECTED BEFORE CREATES THE POTENTIAL TO.


The plan didn t make it past Chinese government censors. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal  the idea was nixed on grounds tha. I the treatment was too sympathetic toward the general  An Lushan  portrayed in Chinese history as a villain who ultimately betrayed the France Mobile Database emperor.  rewrote it to portray the general as a  snake.  The story illustrates a common challenge . Ito Hollywood filmmakers as they attempt to break into China s more than   billion a year film market—and . Ito businesspeople in all industries as foreign markets become increasingly important to. I their business strategies. Cultural misunderstandings and different ways of operating  government control over filmmaking  for instance. I  can lead to unforeseen setbacks and delays  threatening the success of creative business ventures.

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Vital Skill Learning to work

With people from other cultures in order to collaborate creatively i. Is a vital skill in today s business environment  says Roy Y.J. Chua  an assistant professor in the Organizational Behavior Unit at Harvard Business School who has focused his research on exploring how such collaboration can effectively Colombia Phone Number take place. A graduate of Columbia Business School  where he studied social psychology along with management  Chua was born and raised in Singapore  itself a multicultural society.  I ve always been fascinated by how culture changes the way people interact and innovate  and how collaboration is affected by intercultural relationships and intercultural trust   he says.

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