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Bstartup 10 is a capital investment initiative that selects 10 young technology companies from all over Spain every year and supports them in their establishment and growth with a high-performance program that lasts 6 months. In addition, Banco Sabadell makes a global investment of €100,000 in each of the projects, of which BStartup will take a stake of between 5% and 15% of the share capital. Business_Culture_and_Team_A_-_David_Tomas_in_Bstartup_4 “Create a business culture and an A-Team” David Tomas , pioneer in the online advertising sector and author of the book “The happiest company in the world” (to be published in September 2015) , carried out mentoring work focused on the creation of the business culture, the selection of the values ​​that symbolize the corporate spirit and the method to build an A-Team – effective selection of the profiles that a company hires.

Interviews and Exercises

David highlighted that “generating a culture based Bulk SMS Service in Srilanka on a good work environment has a direct impact on the income statement. Great Place To Work states that companies that work like this grow 21% above the market average”. The creation process arises from 12+1 values : 1. This can arise organically, without any control, and is the sum of all the people who work or have ever worked in the company. But the ideal is to define it internally, choosing values ​​that will represent the unique personality of the entity.

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Business culture

Detailing what is wanted and what is not helps Phone List Forum when hiring. David gave an example of Cyberclick’s 3 values: Admire People , Always Find a Better Way and Customer Experience Freaks . These items must not be reflected only in writing, but must be applied on a daily. Dasis and must be known by the entire team. 3. Profile A : Team A, or perfect, changes according to each company, since each one will be defined with its own unique values. 4. Scorecard : Knowing how to hire correctly is an art. Each person is different and it is necessary to list what is expected of them.

Filter : The first interview is by telephone in order to know if that person interests you or not. In it you can discover the professional objectives of the candidate. What she excels at or what type of job she is looking for. 6. Interviews and Exercises : The following interviews or practical sessions, to evaluate the professional’s abilities, are at the company’s headquarters.

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