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Better understand the search intent of your audience

When creating copies (advertising texts) creativity has to be on the surface, and this is not always the case. For the days when you lack inspiration,  can be of great help. If you ask him to generate different copies on a specific topic, he can give you ideas to work on. It is not a matter of copying and pasting their answers as is, but that they serve as inspiration. 2. Make social media content Don’t know what to post on social media profile? Have you run out of ideas is capable of offering you options on any type of subject. Marketing, sports, travel, nutrition… There are no limits for him. Ask him directly about what topic you would like to talk about and he will suggest a multitude of alternatives.

Design content marketing strategies

And not only that, he can also write you entire posts Bulk SMS Malaysia about whatever you ask. 3. Get inspired to write blog articles Your website’s blog can also benefit from the content generated by this AI. As in the previous point,  is capable of giving you ideas about interesting topics for your blog, as well as creating entire articles. But beware! It is not a good idea to copy and paste the results offered by this technology on your web page . Google is penalizing those who do, so we recommend you use it as a tool for inspiration. 4. Analyze and search for keywords Using the selection of keywords for your blog articles and web pages can be much easier and faster than with other tools.

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 Better understand the search intent of your audience

By simply asking it to give you a list of relevant keywords Phone List Forum for a certain sector, you can get a large number of options in a single click. And not only that, you can also give them two options and ask them to tell you which of them will be easier for you to position your content. 5. Design content marketing strategies  not only helps to generate texts, but it can also help you with your content marketing strategy regardless of the sector you are from and giving you ideas about what type of content may be interesting to include in it. 6. Better understand the search intent of your audience This is one of the most interesting capabilities of this AI. Not only does it answer your question, but it goes further and gives you complementary information that surely interests you, showing that it not only knows what you want but also why . This is something that Google tries to perfect and although it has improved a lot has far surpassed it. This can help content creators a lot when it comes to making their articles more complete and more useful to the public.

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