Better understand the search intent of your audience

This is one of the most interesting capabilities of this AI. Not only does it answer your question, but it goes further and gives you complementary information that surely interests you, showing that it not only knows what you want but also why . This is something that Google tries to perfect and although it has improved a lot, has far surpassed it. This can help content creators a lot when it comes to making their articles more complete and more useful to the public. 7. Create attractive and SEO friendly titles with  Article or video titles can be one of the most difficult things for content creators. They not only have to be attractive to the public, but also to Google or YouTube and, many times, achieving something that satisfies both the audience and the algorithm is an impossible mission.

Ask him for his opinion to carry out surveys

With a simple search on you can have very SMS Gateway Iraq interesting titles that go beyond the typical hackneyed formulas. 8. Write meta descriptions The meta descriptions , that content that is placed under the blue links that Google offers as results, have two objectives: to attract the public to click on the page and to position the corresponding article in search engines . Therefore, like the titles, it must be attractive and meet SEO requirements. Both things can be asked of this AI. 9. Look for questions to generate interaction with the audience Especially in social networks, holding conversations with the public is important to gain authority and trust. Asking the audience questions is a great way to break the ice and take the first step towards creating an interaction .

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 Improve your FAQs section

However, many times we do not know what to say. This chat Phone List Forum can give you ideas so that you introduce them in any type and format of content. 10. Improve your FAQs section The FAQ section of a blog is one of the most important. When a customer has a question. It will be where they go to resolve it, so it must be as complete as possible. To make sure you don’t miss anything, you can ask the. AI ​​to give you some frequently asked questions that are often asked by the audience. That is interested in products or services in your industry.

And not only that, you can also tell him to answer each of them. 11. Ask him for his opinion to carry out surveys Do you want to ask your customers or users for their. Opinion about something related to your company? Customer service, the quality of a product or service… You can rely on this technology to write your feedback request text. Even if you are not very exact and your request does not contain much information. This chat is capable of generating a very human text that really seems to have been written by a person.

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