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 Instead, written content that is useful will be read. When you write text that benefits the reader, you start getting feedback that sounds something like this: “Hi, great post. The post has been open on my laptop for several days, I can’t close it, lest it just disappear!” How can the immediate exit in percentage figure be reduced? 1. Write content that benefits the reader Many people write blogs like a diary or for their own fun. This is fine, but if your goal is to one day make money blogging, you need to start thinking more about the reader than yourself. For example, a fashion blog can be turned into a helping mode so that you look for information about, for example, dressing for work between outfit photo posts.

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A tight-knit community starts to grow around your blog, where people want to spend time. Sounds pretty awesome, right? Which measures increase the exit rate?  spike in visitors to the blog. The visitor participates and leaves, very often he doesn’t even investigate further what great things latest database could be found on the blog. Another measure that quickly drives readers away is the heavy readability of the post. Long paragraphs, long sentence structures, lack of lists and subheadings, and large images cause a quick exit. Many blogs use a lot of images and although visually is important, the images are looked through very quickly. Rarely do you stay looking at one picture for several minutes. The more pictures, the faster it is to look at them and the faster you leave the blog.

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 What is the immediate exit percentage figure? This is a number that tells how much the reader enjoys my website and blog. my (this) blog for the last 30 days. immediate exit in percent This means that a person who comes to read one of my posts will also be happy to read Phone List Forum another and even a third. The average immediate exit percentage for blogs is 75% – 95%. The higher the number, the shorter the time the reader spends on the blog. Why is increasing this number important? I already covered this issue from the point of view of Google search results, but that is only one side of the whole. The longer the reader spends on your blog, the more he appreciates what you write. He will gladly come back, because he knows that he will get help and support, tips and advice from you. You can turn a random visitor into a committed reader who is happy to share your texts on social media.

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