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With the demand for courses on leadership

It was also clear that fresh theoretical approaches to. I teaching leadership abound  but no central clearing house currently existed to consolidate and share such potential. Exciting advancthe future contours of th. Iis emerging field. With a steadily increasing number of schools committed to developing lees in related fields such as brain research  identity  ethics  adult development  . Icommunications  positive psychology.

A human intelligence and educational

Theory require a single source for educators to consult if we are. I to have any hope of realizing our potential for improving the practice of teaching leadership. The explosive and yet undisciplined field of leadership education has reached a critical mass where a comprehensive . Ivolume is Russia Mobile Database required not only to share novel ideas but also to. Ihelp establish conceptual boundaries and shape aders as a central goal  and with more and more educators entering the field from an increasingly wide range of disciplinary backgrounds  the time is. I right to consolidate what we have already learned and to establish a foundation upon which intelligent progress can be made.

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We hope to address this need

By providing leadership educators with a single reference. I that not only shares current best practices  but does so within a broad conceptual framework that encourages greater theoretical rigor. Build a Respected Community of Practice.  growing exponentially . I the need to establish a respected Canada Phone Number community of dedicated scholars and practitioners is more important than ever. As a nascent field  leadership education is . Icurrently populated by a . Iloosely coupled collection of wildly diverse  well intentioned  but poorly organized gaggle of scholars and practitioners who are largely left to their own devises when it comes to deciding how best to teach leadership.

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