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These firms came important drivers

It explores the role of entrepreneurial actors  sometimes motivat by broad social and environmental agendas  whose strategies to build viable business models prov crucially dependent on two exogenous factors  the prices of alternative conventional fuels and public policy. Supportive public policies in various geographies facilitat.

The commercialization of photovoltaic

Technologies  but they also encourag rent seeking and inefficiencies  while policy shifts result in a regular boom and bust cycle. The perceiv long term potential of solar energy  combin with the capital intensity and cyclical nature of the industry  l to large electronics  oil and engineering companies buying entrepreneurial firms in successive generations.  of innovation and scale  but they also found solar to  an industry in which achieving a viable business model Canada Mobile Database prov a chimera  whilst waves of creative destruction came the norm. Paper Information Full Working Paper Text  pdf Reaching for Yield in the Bond Market by Bo cker and Victoria Ivashina  Reaching for yield —investors  propensity to buy high yield assets without regard for risk—has en identifi as one of the core factors contributing to the buildup of crit that prec the financial crisis.

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Despite this potential importance

However  the way in which reaching for yield works and where it occurs is not well understood. Professors Bo cker and Victoria Ivashina examine reaching for yield in the corporate bond market by looking among insurance companies  the largest Algeria Phone Number institutional investor in this arena. Findings suggest that reaching for yield may limit the effectiveness of capital regulation to a time varying and unprictable extent. Reaching for yield may also allow regulat entities to come riskier than regulators and legislators intend  and may impose distortions on the corporate crit supply.

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