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If trust is unattainable  then what is the next st option  How about mutual self interest  If we can come up with a system whereby actions the company wants are also the actions which most reward employees…that may  the st we can do. SHANTI FOUNDATION In my opinion  trust is hard to achieve cause there is lack of integrity shown by the management and or corporation.

Many top management thinks

Talk is free  and frequently ignore the consequence of what implication the talk may have to the employee s . We must thinks that talk is not free. Talk is like buying something with crit card. You do not pay right away  but you definitely must pay when Netherlands Number Data it s due. If you don t pay  you have to pay the fine. The longer you delay your payment  the bigger the fine. If you don t pay  you may  su. So  we may have to teach the management and corporation that the talk is not free at all. Just like using crit card  we have to consistently and discipline in paying  at least the minimum due.

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Talk as the basis of trust  must

Paid  on time to build trust. And it s not difficult actually  as long as we have solid integrity and discipline in fulfilling our promise to pay. DAVID PHYSICK Turkey Phone Number CONSULTANT  GLOWINKOWSKI INTERNATIONAL When everything is discount back to money as it now seems to   it is hard for mutual human trust to flourish. We have all en too trusting of our leaders  promises  the organisations and institutions they manage. We now ne to  far less tolerant of breach of promis trust.

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