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This paper examines how contextual

One said   In today s environment  where there is so much pressure on directors  I think there can  a tendency for directors to want to cross the line a little too much sometimes  on the operating side  probing committees on every little subject that comes up.  In sharp contrast  another director said   At the moment  boards are reluctant to  intrusive

Into the day to day operations

I think they are reluctant to  intrusive on the personnel management  yond the top guy and may the heir apparent  if there s a change coming. And so they isolate themselves from understanding where the risks are coming from and what those risks are. I don t think they can do the job without coming more involv.  Whereas these directors puzzle over where the Austria WhatsApp Number List line should  drawn tween management and the board  others lieve that the crucial issue is how the board interacts with management regarding major decisions.  I ve always thought the board should  a catalyst   one director said.  They ne to make sure that there s really good open dialogue  and all the dimensions and possibilities are at least given some air time.

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I think the board s role is to make

Sure that management  if they are not having these discussions with the board  does have these discussions with the board. And if they re not Namibia Phone Number List working on it  they should  working on it. Yet just as the process of negotiation may  a solution to conflict in some cases  it may  a source of conflict in others.  features within organizations affect negotiation processes and outcomes  and how these processes in turn come a source of or solution to interorganizational conflict.

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