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Testing cultural metacognition  section

My experience in travelling far and wide in India and working with persons from heterogenous groups has en good after an open heart discussion to learn as much as possible to gin with. The only challenge  at times  was to decipher the speech   style of language delivery varies   a lot at times  . With some  it also comes a little inconvenient to share the eating habits. But  these issues are not difficult to  resolv.


EXECUTIVE COACH  EFFECTIVE GLOBAL LEADERSHIP Great insights in this article as key challenges in working effectively and creatively across cultures are trust and communication. Interesting to distinguish tween affective and Thailand Mobile Database cognitive trust. With my clients  I use a R model bas on Respect  Relationships  Recognition and Rewards. Following research across social mia  I learn that feeling respect in most cultures was having the feeling you had en listen to  and heard   Relationships   we are social ings and ne to  Recogniz for our contributions. Rewards are not monetary but intrinsic satisfaction when the R principles come together leading to creative and collaborative work. SUBRAHMANYAN CH N S PROJECT MANAGER  GLOBAL PROGRAMMES.

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Metacognitive knowlge on cross cultural have not en studi throughly and is still a lacking skill that one should look into. In this article   is really a good. Geert Hofste s theory of cultural dimensions are very much valid in today s world. The five dimensions  Power Distance  Individualism Vs Collectivism  Uncertainty Avodiance Index  Masculinity vs. femininity and France Phone Number Long term orientation vs. short term orientation should  consider while collaborating arcoss cultures. Global Culture is a system with diversifi shar norms  liefs  values  and customs that joins people together  forming shar meaning and a unique identity.

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