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The search for new business ideas

ABSTRACT—The article presents a case study of a business enterprise with high employee turnover that is considering adopting a personnel management innovation referr to as People Support involving a group of managers whose role is to listen to and help resolve employees work relat problems. It offers perspectives from two business experts who have opposing viewpoints on a family like corporate culture and on whether the People Support plan is advisable.

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A strong culture  too strong ar JANUARY MIT SLOAN MANAGEMENT REVIEW Strategic Decisions for Multisid Platforms By Hagiu Andrei ABSTRACT—Multisid platforms such as eBay and Facebook create value by enabling interactions or more customer Greece Telegram Number Data groups. But building and managing a winning platform isn t easy. Publisher s link article strategic decisions for multisid platforms JANUARY HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW The New Patterns of Innovation By Parmar Rashik Ian Mackenzie David Cohn and David Gann ABSTRACT—and models is hit or miss at most firms. Tackling the problem systematically of course will improve the odds of success. Traditional ways of framing this search examine competencies customer nes and shifts in the landscape. This article proposes adding a new IT bas framework.

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It involves asking the following

Question how can data and analytic tools  us to create new value The authors have explor that question with many clients. In their work they ve seen IT Peru WhatsApp Numbers List create new value in five patterns using data from sensors in objects to improve offerings think smart energy meters digitizing physical assets such as health records combining data within and across industries to say coordinate supply chains trading data as mobile providers do with information on users whereabouts and codifying st in class capabilities such as online expense management as services.

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