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Smartphones supers telephones pocket calculators and point and shoot cameras. Every once in a while though an old technology rises from the ashes and finds new life a re emergence. “WHAT THIS RESEARCH SUGGESTS IS THAT IT IS POSSIBLE TO PROLONG THE LIFE OF SOME TECHNOLOGIES.


Take for example the mechanical wristwatch. Swiss watchmakers dominat the industry for centuries until the mid s when the Japanese introduc low cost production methods to manufacture highly accurate quartz watches. Swiss business historians Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List refer to this as the Quartz Crisis. Companies like Seiko and Casio seiz the quartz market. By two thirds of the watch industry jobs in Switzerland had disappear and the country was producing only percent of the world s watches. Yet Switzerland has reemerg as the global leader of watch exports by export value due to a newfound market demand for old style mechanical watches. Historical watchmaking parts from the Longines archives.

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This curious comeback story

Ryan Raffaelli to ask how organizations industries and technologies re emerge from the brink of collapse. And while his initial research has focus on Hong Kong WhatsApp Numbers List the watch industry his findings also help explain a recent resurgence of independent bookstores a renaissance of streetcars in numerous urban city centers and the revival of several seemingly archaic products including the fountain pen and the vinyl record. What this research suggests is that it is possible to prolong the life of some technologies along with the organizations and communities that support them says Raffaelli an assistant professor in the Organizational havior unit at Harvard Business School.

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