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Critical phase: Can it be reach? (evaluate the pros and cons of the plan). Process that is attempt to be explain in the following figure: Is creativity the privilege of some? Researchers agree that we all have that creative potential . But, upon reaching the critical phase, limiting thoughts arise such as fear of failure, fear of the unknown, resistance to having a sense of humor, to play, to dream, to create (often influenc by apathy and the routine of adult life). However, the first step is to dare to dream.

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I have always confess that I am an easy guy to cry: I cry at silly novels, at cheesy commercials, at sensationalist articles, at poorly made movies, but when it comes to music my avid critic awakens in me, I delve with meticulous and even unfriendly opinions. about the melodic coincidence, the shallowness of the lyrics, the falseness of the singer, the commonality of his performances, how beautiful business lead he sounds or sings, but how little transcendent it will be. With Nito Mestre, the eternal acquaintance of always, the one who present himself to me at the dawn of a calamitous winter, with what was the first work of the Sui Generis: Vida (1972), a duo that he put together in high school alongside the iconic

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And adolescence. In 1973 they record winter confessions , the following year, in a twist, they releas little anecdotes about institutions from the studio, which for me was the trigger for nito to Phone List Forum decide to move away from the society closest to lennon – mccartney that we had in rock in our language. By 1975 they were already filming their own adiós sui generis, and although charly was heading in search of total madness, nito was not far behind, as many have tend to maintain for many years; he also embark on more urban, more intimate, more friendly projects: por sui gieco (1976), the always unknown (1977-1979).

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