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There s no doubt that the confluence of diverse cultures can create opportunities for innovation—think of the Crusades and the Renaissance  or of Japan revolutionizing the auto industry.  To the extent that creativity is about the recombination of existing ideas   Chua says   then combining ideas that haven t been connected before creates the potential to produce something new and useful.

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The benefits of that while minimizing the inevitable misunderstandings.  Trying to make a movie about the Tang Dynasty for a Western audience is a very refreshing proposal  but at the same time  many of the ideas from Chinese culture might not translate easily into a Western context   he says.  You have to find a way to generate a common platform to appeal Belgium Mobile Database to both sides.  In a forthcoming article in the journal Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes  Chua uses a combination of survey and experimental research to focus on a key measure psychologists have dubbed  cultural metacognition.  The term refers to a person s reflective thinking about his or her cultural assumptions. It seems to have a strong effect on how effectively people collaborate across cultures  Chua says.

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Awareness you have when driving in a foreign city  where you will pay more attention to the road signs and traffic signs. It s this kind of heightened awareness and reflection about what I think about other cultures and how other cultures think about me that Costa Rica Phone Number helps cross cultural creative collaboration.  Testing Cultural Metacognition  asked middle level managers enrolled in an executive MBA course to complete a questionnaire to rate their own degree of cultural metacognition. Statements to rate included  I am aware of how to use my cultural knowledge when interacting with people from other cultures   and  I adjust my cultural knowledge while interacting with people from a new or an unfamiliar culture.

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