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There are several reasons for this

Broadcast Blues When NBC announc it would  broadcasting the Summer Olympic Games in London in observers expect the network to take a loss on the event as it had for Olympic broadcasts for a decade. For the Winter Olympics in Vancouver NBC paid million in rights fees and lost a jaw dropping million. Now with a . billion rights fee for London most pundits expect it to lose tween and million.

Instead NBC not only broke even

On the Games but it also made it the most view television event in Unit States history. London was truly a big surprise for NBC as well as industry forecasters says Greyser who with Vadim Kogan analyz the issue in the HBS working paper NBC and the London Canada WhatsApp Number List Olympics Unexpect Success pdf . Achieving the same kind of success in Sochi may  more difficult.. First the network nefitt from the time zone difference tween the Unit States and London. A five to eight hour difference meant events during the day could  record and it in time to broadcast during primetime. While some criticiz the network for not airing events live the decision actually increas the numr of viewers who tun in—especially if it was known that Americans perform well in popular sports such as swimming and gymnastics.

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The network also harness social

Mia to increase buzz about the Games and viewership including encouraging athletes to post to Twitter and Facebook. This broaden the public s Slovenia Phone Number List interest and remind people of the multiple platforms available to see the competition says Greyser. The biggest boon to NBC however was the Games themselves. Winning performances by American athletes such as swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Gabby Douglas motivat US viewers to tune in and when they did they saw a warm welcoming city with attractive facilities and convenient infrastructure.

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